What to do with digital stuff?

We’ve All Got Lots of Stuff: Now There is Digital Stuff

When families prepare an estate plan and I ask for lists of property, very few remember to consider their digital stuff. If you haven’t considered these assets don’t worry – it is not that big of a deal,bur you need to correct it.

What is

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Exciting Announcement: Tell Your Friends and Neighbors

Exciting Announcement: Over the past year, I have been concentrating my efforts and educating myself to continue to provide you with the best on-going services as my clientele grows and as we age together.  I have previously served you with the thinking of what happens to your estate when you die, now I am including

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Will BREXIT change my estate planning needs?

Market volatility is a constant in our modern world. But so-called Black Swan events sometimes take the concept of volatility to the next level. On June 23, voters in the U.K. passed a referendum supporting the idea that Britain should leave the European Union. Known as ‘Brexit’ for short, this surprising political outcome

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Keep Your Creditors Away From Your Retirement Plan

Don’t Put Your Creditors on Your List of Heirs.

This is really surprising, most people think if you leave a retirement account to your spouse is protected from creditors; it probably is not. The funds from the retirement account could be taken in a divorce, lawsuits or bankruptcy.

Three paths for surviving spouses

When you leave an

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