What to do with digital stuff?

We’ve All Got Lots of Stuff: Now There is Digital Stuff

When families prepare an estate plan and I ask for lists of property, very few remember to consider their digital stuff. If you haven’t considered these assets don’t worry – it is not that big of a deal,bur you need to correct it.

What is

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Exciting Announcement: Tell Your Friends and Neighbors

Exciting Announcement: Over the past year, I have been concentrating my efforts and educating myself to continue to provide you with the best on-going services as my clientele grows and as we age together.  I have previously served you with the thinking of what happens to your estate when you die, now I am including

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Will BREXIT change my estate planning needs?

Market volatility is a constant in our modern world. But so-called Black Swan events sometimes take the concept of volatility to the next level. On June 23, voters in the U.K. passed a referendum supporting the idea that Britain should leave the European Union. Known as ‘Brexit’ for short, this surprising political outcome

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Top 5 Reasons to Protect Your Retirement Accounts

While you are alive the money in your retirement account enjoys a special status. We call that status asset protection. This means the money is immune from lawsuits and creditor claims which may or may not be fair. The great thing about your retirement accounts is that you can pass any unspent money to your

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Keep Your Creditors Away From Your Retirement Plan

Don’t Put Your Creditors on Your List of Heirs.

This is really surprising, most people think if you leave a retirement account to your spouse is protected from creditors; it probably is not. The funds from the retirement account could be taken in a divorce, lawsuits or bankruptcy.

Three paths for surviving spouses

When you leave an

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