Exciting Announcement: Over the past year, I have been concentrating my efforts and educating myself to continue to provide you with the best on-going services as my clientele grows and as we age together.  I have previously served you with the thinking of what happens to your estate when you die, now I am including asset protection for when you live as well! This education has been in the concentration on Long Term Care Estate Planning. Long Term Care Estate Planning is planning for what happens to your assets if you require a stay in a long term care or assisted living facility.
  • You do not have to just “spend down”. I can protect your assets so that your money is extended as far as possible should you or your spouse ever need this care.
  • In reality, your age does not matter here.  A person can become disabled and in need of long term nursing home care at any point in their lives.  If you have to pay privately, your care can cost $6,000.00 to $8,000.00 per month or more in South Dakota.  And that does not count inflation.
  • Do you have these funds just “laying around”?  I don’t!  If we need long term care an upgraded Durable Power of Attorney is absolutely necessary.
  • If you talk to the Department of Social Services, they will tell you that you can only have $2,000.00 in assets and $2,199.00 in income.  If you have either or both more income or assets than that, you have to pay all the cost on your own.  As people get a little older, they start thinking about this $6,000.00 to $8,000.00 or more a month in nursing home costs and start worrying about how to pay and what will happen to everything they have built as their nest egg.  All your savings can be gone!
  • There are things we can do to help.  You do not need to give up your home.  You do not have to spend everything you have.  Passing on the result of your lifetime’s work with all the love and care you intend is possible.  You do not have to give it all to the government.  There are safe harbor provisions created by Congress for protecting your life’s work, I can help keep what you have built and pass it to the ones you love.  Keep in mind, Congress is always changing these, what is available now may not be 3 months, 6 months or a year down the road.  Planning now will ensure you can take advantage of these safe harbors as they stand now.

The sooner you start the more of your heritage I can help you save!  Call for your appointment now.I look forward to serving you.

Yours Truly,
Doug Thesenvitz