The Simple Truth About Protecting Assets Through Planning

A lot of people look at asset protection planning and think there must be a catch or that there is something sinister, illegal or underhanded involved. We all believe that there is a moral obligation to pay our debts and live up to our promises. Many people suspect that asset protection planning is somehow immoral

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3 Money Saving Tips to Reduce Your Estate Planning Fees

Nowadays, a person cannot put together even a simple estate plan without hiring an experienced estate planning lawyer. The reason is that estate planning laws are different in each state. The laws are very complicated and can be convoluted. In South Dakota our trust laws change almost every year.

Sometimes, even missed signature or a wrong

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The Best Thing about Mistakes

We all make mistakes in our lives. We all make mistakes with our finances. The important thing about making mistakes is to learn from them. We should try not to repeat our mistakes. When we do make mistakes and we learn the lessons they teach, we should try to find a way to pass the

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