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Antipsychotic drugs are known to have a number of severe side-effects, but they carry even greater risks for the elderly and those diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, antipsychotic drugs continue to be used as first-line treatments for the control of challenging behaviors in elderly patients.

2015 study in JAMA Psychiatry found that elderly patients prescribed

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Long Term Care Facilities

Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs) which include nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities, provide medical and personal care services to people who are unable to manage independently in the community. Over 5 million Americans are admitted to or reside in LTCFs each year.

Data about infections in LTCFs are limited, but it has

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How Long Should the Nursing Home Charge After the Resident Has Died

How Long Should a Care Facility Charge After a Patient Dies?

Authorities in the United Kingdom have launched an investigation after learning that some care homes are charging families for weeks after the death of an elderly relative.

Some families have complained that they were charged for the time it took to rent the room to another

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Financial Challenges for Seniors and How to Fight Back

Most of us look forward to a retirement filled with leisure and relaxation, but many older Americans are facing financial difficulties that are destroying their retirement dreams. One article addressed some of seniors’ biggest financial challenges and what they can do to fight back. What follows is a summary of the article.

Historically Low Interest Rates
For almost

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An Alzheimers Tsunami is Coming

Warning: An Alzheimer’s Tsunami is Coming and We Must Prepare

That’s the message from Andrew Tisch, chairman of Loews Corporation, co-founder of the political reform group No Labels, and Vice Chair of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.

In a recent article, Mr. Tisch describes how we are unprepared for the enormous costs we will soon be facing

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