Douglas W. Thesenvitz, Esq., is the founder and a partner at Thesenvitz & Mickelson, LLP. Doug helps people in Sioux Falls, and throughout South Dakota with their estate planning, probate & estate administration, matters. He works with special needs planning, pet trust planning, elder law & Medicaid planning, family business succession, asset protection and planning for children.

In the Medicaid area I am an experienced problem solver.  My focus is on helping families who are worried about the high cost of nursing home care. People are often terrified by the specter of simply running out of money.  In my Elder Law practice I solve these problems and take away the fear and worry.

Estate planning is the art of creating loving instructions to preserve your values, your wealth and your family. Doug gets excited about the art of estate planning. He cannot think of anything an attorney can do that creates the peace of mind that you have when you know your family has your loving instructions to preserve and protect them and your legacy.

Your peace of mind is Doug’s goal. Doug helps families plan for tough times. Doug helps people prepare for disability, and death, Doug helps families preserve values, wealth and family.

The preservation and protection of your values, wealth and family is not a transaction at this law firm. The work we do is a continuing process. When Doug is on your team of trusted advisors he engages the latest legal research, support and collaboration with your team to protect and preserve your planning for your family; your legacy.

Doug Thesenvitz believes that a complete estate plan helps families prepare during their life for the tough time we will all face. If and when disability strikes a plan should provide powers of attorney integrated with trusts that direct handpicked agents how to conduct your affairs. When you die your instructions on the disposition of your property will then distribute what you want, to whom you want the way you want. Often times families will want to wrap the gifts in trusts that protect from creditors, law suits and other predators looking to dissipate family wealth.  Call Sioux Falls estate planning attorney Doug Thesenvitz at 605-334-9448 or 877-334-9448 today to discuss your family’s estate planning needs.  You can also see our client intake page to provide some basic information. The first meeting is always free of charge.

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